Mekong Watersheds Information
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Mekong Watersheds Information

A 40km stretch of the Mekong River in the north of Cambodia characterized by strong turbulent flow with numerous channels between rocky and sandy islands that are completely inundated during high water, with higher alluvial islands that remain dry. It lies about 5km from the town of Stoeng Treng where the Se Kong river joins the Mekong river and 4 km south from the border with Laos.

This report covers the findings from two relatively brief surveys, focused predominantly on the bird community, of what is often termed the Xe Champhone (indicated in the map as Xe Champhon) wetlands of Savannakhet Province. The first of these surveys was undertaken by the author between 29 August and 8 September 2012, the second between 12 and17 June. The primary goal of these surveys was to assess the relative status of bird species of conservation concern in Xe Champhone and determine those species of highest priority for conservation intervention and their conservation need

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