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This report is prepared as a consequence of the Mid Term Report Review (MTR) of the project entitles "Poverty Reduction and Environmental management in Remote Greater Mekong Subregion Watershed" (Phase I) under the support of Regional Environmental Technical Assistance Project (RETA, No. 5771) and Science Technology and Environment Organisation (STENO). As a result of the MTR workshop, Nam Ou Watershed was selected and proposed as the potential and priority site for further study and development in according to the criteria set by RETA.

This report is a result of a short-term study of the Nam Ou watershed with priority areas given in Phongsaly Province. The study aim to present profile and overview of Nam Ou watershed in terms of socio-economic development and natural resource management as well as how local minor ethnic people develop their livelihood. This report also try to compile some of the intervention measures carried out and promoted by government and other international support projects active in the areas.

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