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Management Plan of the Beung Kiat Ngong Ramsar Site http://mwi.mrcmekong.org/index.php/watershed-blogs/item/32-management-plan-of-the-beung-kiat-ngong-ramsar-site http://mwi.mrcmekong.org/index.php/watershed-blogs/item/32-management-plan-of-the-beung-kiat-ngong-ramsar-site
In September 2010, Beung Kiat Ngong Wetland, in Champassak Province, was formally recognized by the Ramsar convention as holding important value for conservation. It is one of only two Ramsar sites in Lao PDR. The wetland is a unique and precious site because it contains diverse wetland types (swamps, lakes, marshes, and peat land); has high biodiversity value; supports threatened species such as the Fishing cat, Leopard cat, Sambar, and Malayan snail-eating turtle; and supports the livelihoods of approximately 11,500 people

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