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Nam Ton - Watershed Profile - 2008 rrr

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015 02:18

Nam Ton - Watershed Profile - 2008

The purpose of the Watershed Profile of the Nam Ton Pilot Area is the creation of an information support system, a body of research and data which will provide the informational basis by which decisions can be made within the watershed on issues of water resource management. To accomplish this, this document seeks to address all factors and processes within the watershed which may have an impact on water quality and water quantity. As such, its scope is far-reaching. There are many topics within this document which are treated to some measure of completeness, while other topics require ongoing research. Topics of this latter type are highlighted in the section Research Needs Assessment, where research needs and opportunities are detailed.

Additional Info

  • Location: 18.48,102.19
  • Source: MRCS
  • Type of resource: Document
  • Contributor: Eric Tilman
  • Organisation: SUMALOM Nam Ton Project
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